Coaching Clients

Jackie, Bank CEO

In my role, I have to do many speaking engagements, both internally to staff and externally to varying audiences. I used to use scripted speeches because I was nervous about not using quite the right words or missing key messages. Jodi encouraged me to document and use personal and other stories to illustrate key messages. In the last six months I've been speaking from the heart using those stories. It is going very well. The audience is more engaged and better appreciates the messages I try to communicate. I get very positive feedback, and it gets easier the more I do. 

Laura, Technical Director in Government Contracting

Now I am looking at situations differently and making better use of my time. I am selecting words to describe situations differently and that has helped me to have a more realistic perspective of the situation. I also have gotten better about making a point to put down tasks after a certain time to either take a break or to give attention to another priority. This has helped my stress level immensely. Jodi asked me questions and challenged me to change the words I chose and to try that outside of our sessions. She also followed up to see how it worked and shared what she observed about my behavior and emotional state after each "experiment."

Milton, Not-for-Profit COO

Now I am being more patient and less in a rush to effectuate operational improvements while nevertheless putting transition elements into place incrementally. I'm laying the foundation. I'm leading and coaching by example. I have learned not to be in such a hurry. Now I'm seeing more of a collegial transition, more buy-in for the changes we need to make. Changes are happening, while the friction and anxiety are reduced.

Other Associates and Clients

Bridgette, Chief Talent Officer

Our CEO wanted to design a top-flight program and engage with the participants to accelerate the pipeline of talent in the company. Jodi’s experience in designing programs, understanding assessment, and keen ability to discern quality development resulted in a CEO Leadership Program that had never been seen before in the history of this two hundred year company. In addition to our CEO’s active involvement in the program, another key success factor was Jodi’s masterful facilitation style. She was so self-aware and empathetic to the hesitancy of the participants to disclose their gaps that she made herself vulnerable by sharing stories and experiences of her own developmental areas. By doing this she gave the Vice Presidents in the program permission to explore their own areas of needed growth in less guarded manner. 

Matt, HR Manager

As a retired military officer I have served with some of the most cohesive and high performing teams one could imagine.  Under Jodi's leadership and coaching, the team dynamics that I couldn’t have imagined possible in a commercial corporate setting were achieved.  Her ability to identify individual strengths and opportunities, then manage the team environment by deliberately partnering people so that strengths complemented others' weaknesses, was expert.  This team energy has been transferred straight to successes that have had a direct and positive impact on the business with a camaraderie that truly inspires a great workplace.

Srini, Physician and Entrepreneur

Dr. Callahan was amazing to work with. She was unwavering in doing the best for her leadership team, and never stopped exploring the best coaching methodologies to advance their level of awareness with me. She was astute, dedicated, honest, warm and a pleasure to work with. Her balance of focusing on shaping the best coaching product for her team, her own leadership abilities and her obvious thoughtfulness with her interpersonal strengths and humor was very refreshing. Anyone interested in working with Dr. Callahan had better be prepared to lose all glibness, say their piece, and when they are welcome, to enjoy the experience because it is not just a mask-but a real effort to move the leadership development process forward. I highly recommend Dr. Callahan.

Jennifer, HR Manager

Jodi has a powerful ability to help her coaching clients become more self-aware. I was amazed at the a-ha's that I would have, even through a brief conversation. During our discussions of behaviors that I could improve or ways that I could be more effective at work, Jodi's thoughtful coaching approach never made me feel defensive. In fact, the opposite was true, and I felt that she cared about my success every bit as much as I did. I can't recommend her highly enough.
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